06 Dec

Discoveries That Revolutionized The Medical World

It’s a good thing that you live today and not 200 years ago. This is because back then, there were no performant medical services and people were treated not with medication, but with potions made from plants.

Unlike 200 years ago, there are available not only specific medicines for different illnesses, but there are also plenty of medical devices and appliances that help the medical personnel do such a great job in treating patients.

techEven if you didn’t realize it until now, the technology and science have played an important part in the evolution and development of the medical area. There were invented lots of useful substances – the basis for today’s medicine, different machines that help in keeping the patient alive but also state of the art medical appliances used for performing specialized surgery and other interventions.

Let’s see some of the most famous discoveries in the medical world, and remember that without technology, nothing would have been possible.

The X-Ray Machine

Long time ago, the bones could be observed only on autopsy, when the doctors had access to the interior of the body. The fractures could be observed only if those were external fractures, but aside from this, nobody could tell exactly where the bone was broken or what other problems there were.

In 8th of November 1895, a great scientist named Wilhelm Röntgen discovered the x-ray by accident, when he observed that his cathode ray tube was able to produce strange images. A week later, he used the hand of his wife to take some “images” that looked almost as the modern x-rays that are taken in hospitals today. Because he couldn’t name the ray he had discovered, he named it X-ray and it’s also known as the Röntgen ray back in his native country – Germany.

The Insulin

Everyone knows how dangerous diabetes can be, and some time ago, type one diabetes was extremely dangerous and possibly deathly. It was discovered in 1921 by scientists from University of Toronto, and they have received the Nobel Prize for this. In 1922, the first patient who received artificial insulin was a child, and there was the need for a second dose, because they found out that the firs one was impure.

That child lived for another thirteen years, but unlike back in 1922, today diabetic patients can live a normal live with the help of artificial insulin.


phys_308pxIVF comes from In Vitro Fertilization, which is a method developed for helping women who couldn’t have children. It has been developed in 1978, when the first baby conceived this way was born. Because it is the direct result of technology acting on the evolution of life and there is no natural selection, the Catholic Church has outlawed this practice. However, many women who can’t have babies on a natural way have taken advantage of this technique and now have babies of their own.

The Germs

Even if technology was not so evolved back in 1854, John Snow demonstrated that the outbreak of cholera was due to a specific pump of water from Broad Street, London. Before that time, people thought that illnesses and diseases are caused by miasma – bad air and they used things that smelled bad.

203303601wfldlwjcyzhSo, in 1854, John Snow has really discovered the germs, but the discovery was not taken seriously. Only a few years later, the more famous Louis Pasteur demonstrated the germ theory in laboratory conditions.

The Penicillin

This is one of the major discoveries in medicine, and it was made accidentally by Alexander Fleming in 1928. Today, many medications are based on penicillin and also many bacteria have been repelled by it.

Even if these discoveries were made a certain number of years ago, many of them have been improved due to scientists working with better technology devices.